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Icon of Esthetics Education Debuts Beauty Beyond the Mirror

Elaine Sterling Autobiography is a Roadmap to Success

ATLANTA - - The visionary who created The Elaine Sterling Institute in 2008 with five students and grew it to 500, Elaine Sterling brings to readers 16 years of trial and error, wins, losses, knowledge, and experience in her debut book, Beauty Beyond the Mirror.  More than a look inside the operations of what has become a globally recognized center of learning in the spa, salon and wellness education industry, Beauty Beyond the Mirror is for anyone who wants to succeed in business.

From her early years growing up in South Africa with a challenging home and school life, to realizing her passion for the arts and teaching, Elaine Sterling shares the bumpy path that led to The Elaine Sterling Institute. Opening a new business in the middle of a national financial crisis, Elaine realized the beauty industry, with its appeal to creative individuals who may not see a traditional four-year degree as their path, seemed ripe for growth.

“My philosophy was to tap into talent and help convert that skill into prosperity. Considering the beauty industry's global worth of more than $500 billion, there was a significant opportunity for my students,” says Elaine, “I've seen students go from cleaning houses to owning them, from homelessness to securing a stable job and residence. These are the moments that affirm the impact of our work.”

Nuggets of wisdom fill the pages from an entrepreneur who struggled with logistics and limited resources, health issues, and the unforeseen challenges of a global pandemic. From ethics and integrity to learning the value of exceeding expectations, the book is a guide to lessons not often taught in school.

Beauty Beyond the Mirror is also a primer in skincare and skincare products, and the power of perseverance. Elaine will give the book to each new student as an introduction to The Elaine Sterling Institute and the world she has created for them to learn and succeed - - not only in the beauty industry, but in life.



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